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JNMK--Non-pressure Solar Thermal Collector/ Solar Project

Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar thermal collectors


1) Working principle of high pressure solar heater: utilizes the alternative
absorption coating on the inner surface of the vacuum tube, from the
high-temperature environment super-conduction tubes, leads the heat
to the water tank, and produces hot water
2) Easy to use, also convenient to install
3) Can be put in the courtyard, on the roof or balcony
4) Inlet water hole connects to the tap water, and the outlet hole connects
to the tap water, and the outlet hole produces pressure hot water directly
5) Working principle of low pressure solar heater: adopts the alternative
absorption coating to absorb the solar energy, heat the water in the
vacuum tube directly, through the cold hot water convection, changes the
solar energy into heat energy to store in the water tank:
a) Adopts the double-deck highly special hard glass tube of boron silicon
b) Double-deck glass coaxial structure, intermediate layer releases the
vacuum, maintains 5 x 10-2Pa high vacuum for a long time while in
c) Magnetism accuse of alternative absorption coating, AL / N / AL of
sputter aluminum nitrogen aluminum alternative absorption coating
solar radiation absorption rate ≥93%, and hot emittance ≤6%
d) Long performance life: 15 years
e) Endures climate feature: thermal efficiency is good in the whole year

Solar Thermal Collectors