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JNYL-Non-pressurized solar water heaters

1.high absorption
2. low emittance rate of vacuum tube layer coating

Non-pressure solar water heater Characteristics

This type uses all-glasses evacuated tubes as the solar collector for absorbing and transferring the sun energy into heat energy.The high absorption and low emittance rate of vacuum tube layer coating is unique.Depending on the different density between hot water and cold water,the water flowing cycle is created in the tube.Hot water flows automatically upwards while the cold water flows down.The water in the storage tank will be heated from this natural circulation.

Technical Parameters

Inner tank SUS 304-2B/0.41mm

Outer tank Galvanized steel/0.41mm


Insulation high density polyurethane foam 50mm

Vacuum tube 47*1500mm/58*1800mm

SS-CU-AIN/ALN or AL-N-AL coating

Bracket Galvanized steel 1.5mm/SUS 201 1.2mm

20/25/38/45/50 degree

Accessories UV stabilized high temperature silicon

Capacity 100L 150L 200L 250L 300L(according to customers’ requirement)